Remote Education

Introduction to Remote Education at St Michael’s

Procedures For Remote Education

As a school, our first priority is for the Safeguarding and Wellbeing of our students. During days of lockdown or self-isolation, our intention is to continue with our normal curriculum and work closely with families to support students experiencing difficulties. Growing up is not easy and Lockdown and self-isolation bring with them additional challenges for young people. Our intention is that, by keeping the structure of the school day and regular curriculum, we will provide the routines our students need to give them a sense of belonging and optimism for the future – because the school will not allow lockdown or self-isolation to prevent them from realising their dreams for their futures.
Feedback and Development
We have listened to stakeholders and have made changes to improve our provision. During the lockdowns last year, throughout the autumn term of 2020 and since the lockdown in January: we have actively listened to suggestions and put in place improvements for our young people. Our main method of receiving feedback is via questionnaires to parents, students and teachers. Links to the most recent results from parents and students can be found below:

Student Questionnaire Results – February 2021
Parent Questionnaire Results – February 2021

Support for families and students

The school has identified resources over and above that provided from government to buy laptops/Chromebooks so that students have access to our learning platform. We have been able to respond to all parental requests for technical support. We have doubled our provision for our most vulnerable students by hiring two additional Student Support Assistants to provide one-to-one support for students in difficulties; and we have actively encouraged all vulnerable students to come to school during this current lockdown in order to provide them with a safe and secure place to work.
Communication with Home
In line with government guidance, the school planned its Remote Education provision and provided this to parents at the start of October 2020, this has been developed since and the latest version is attached below. The headteacher now writes regularly to parents in order to keep them updated with the current situation, past copies can be seen on the appropriate page of this website.
Remote Education Provision at St Michael’s
Government Expectations
The government sets certain expectations of schools with regards to Remote Education, these are met by St Michael’s and are covered in the document shared with parents (attached above). For clarity, I highlight the key features of the provision provided by the school:
Remote Education will:

  • Begin on the first full day of absence from school.
  • Follow the normal school timetable (8:40am to 3:25pm) and so spend 5hours and 15mins per day on school work.
  • Teachers will not set homework outside these hours (with the exception of the Sixth Form and Year 11).
  • deliver the same planned curriculum as regular school (although if lockdown is prolonged, teachers may identify which topics are more easily taught remotely and make alterations to the order of delivery).
  • Be delivered via Google Classroom – all students have a login, this platform is used to set and collect work and to communicate between staff and students.
  • Provide a blend of live sessions (Google Meet) and other resources such as videos made by teachers; online resources such as BBC, Educake, Kerboodle and YouTube; printed material from textbooks; as well as teacher-generated materials.
  • Expect students to be at their workstation for the usual school hours – and not outside these times. Parents can support through monitoring wellbeing and responding to and communicating with school if there are concerns.
  • KS3 students have live registration each day and all students’ attendance will be monitored for live lessons – parents will be contacted by email for each absence; this will be followed up with phonecalls if concerns remain.
  • All assignments will be set and submitted through Google Classroom, this can take the form of written comments or grades – the school will provide feedback as regularly as normal school.
  • Provide for the needs of SEND students in accordance with their Education and Health Care Plans (EHCP).
  • Be largely live Google Meet sessions for those individuals who are self-isolating whilst the rest of the class is in school.
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