Mary Ward values - collect all 7 badges

2nd November 2023

We will be introducing badges for students to recognise the 7 Mary Ward values.
Please see attached suggestions for the sort of actions that will earn a badge! 

Mary Ward values - collect all 7 badges!


  • Shown in class or homework
  • Display of skills or knowledge
  • Achievements in Sport or Music


  • Spreading joy to others
  • Helping others who are sad or lonely 
  • Approaching difficult tasks with a cheerful positivity


  • Communication with those from different communities (countries, faiths )
  • Educating others about other cultures (assemblies, research)
  • Showing enthusiasm to learn modern foreign languages


  • Being honest in difficult circumstances
  • Helping others to be truthful or reflective
  • Be discerning of things you hear or see from others (gossip)


  • Standing up for others who are being bullied/left out
  • Researching and sharing injustice in assemblies, articles, charitable work
  • Not allowing racial, sexual, gender, disabled jokes or banter


  • To be yourself
  • To encourage others to be their best selves
  • Demonstrating you have self-love and love for others


  • Demonstrating you can be a good friend
  • Supporting your Catholic faith
  • Showing compassion
Love one another, as I have loved you