Year 12 Lectures for Year 10 Students

30th April 2024

Inspired by the academic lectures they have received from their teachers, several Year 12 students took up the mantle of presenting their academic research to groups of Year 10 students. The topics were as follows:

Where do words come from?

Black Market Realities: Insights into Forbidden Economics

Astrobiology: What would aliens look like?

Criminal Law and the mind of a criminal

The impact of apathy and media’s misdirection on youth political engagement

How buildings affects our health


This picture is taken from the lecture on 'Astrobiology: What would aliens look like?' where students learned how the properties of lichen make it a number one contender for an intergalactic superpower.


Well done to the Year 12 students for presenting their hard work and research and a thanks to Year 1o for being such a receptive audience

Love one another, as I have loved you