Y12 Students attend Chemistry in Action

22nd March 2023

Our lovely Y12 Chemistry students were determined to attend "Chemistry in Action" at Emmanuel Centre despite the whole tube network being closed on Wednesday,15/03. It was a big test for everyone to travel to the city and they demonstrated their strength in coping with the challenges. Well done to them!


The whole day's event was packed with excitement! Students were fascinated with ‘When Medicines become Drugs – How Small Chemical Changes Change the World’; discovered ‘Chemistry in Conflict’; amazed by ‘How chiral materials will change the world’; used cutting-edge techniques to reveal hidden evidence and establish the truth in crime scene and explored the unknown elements with professors.

Students were impressed by the cutting-edge knowledge, and I am impressed by their ease of overcoming the difficulties of the tube strike and I feel very proud of them!


Mrs Gao




Head of Chemistry

Love one another, as I have loved you