The Music Department at St. Michael’s consists of the Director of Music and a team of 14 peripatetic teachers.

Many students at St. Michael’s learn an instrument at school, with over 200 individual lessons taking place every week. Students can start to learn an instrument in any year group of the school, whether a beginner or experienced player, and applications for lessons can be handed in at any point during the year. Interested students should ask the Director of Music for an application form. Some support is available for families in financial need, and the school has a limited supply of instruments that can be hired.

The department runs a range of ensembles, for students who have not long been learning their instrument, to players and singers at Grade 8 and beyond. A list of ensembles can be found below. There are frequent opportunities for students to perform at concerts, as well as part of liturgies and masses, and the annual Carol Service. The Music Department regularly collaborates on performances with the Drama Department - most recently Sister Act in 2019 and West Side Story in 2017. The Music Department also has a history of concert tours to Europe, most recently to Amsterdam in July 2018. Each Summer Term we organise ABRSM examinations to take place at school.

You can follow the Music Department on Twitter @MusicStMichaels



  • Autumn Concert – 11th November, 7pm
  • Year 7 Chamber Concert – 25th November, 7pm
  • Carol Service – 9th December, 7pm
  • Year 8 Chamber Concert – 27th January, 7pm
  • Year 9 Chamber Concert – 10th February, 7pm
  • Spring Concert – 10th March, 7pm
  • Sixth Form Chamber Concert – 17th March, 7pm
  • Music, Dance and Drama Performance - 30th March, 7pm
  • Key Stage 3 Chamber Concert - 29th June, 7pm
  • Summer Concert - 13th July, 7pm


Activity Who When
Junior Choir Any Year 7, 8 or 9 students Mondays 1:15-1:50pm
Jazz Band Wind, brass, guitar, bass and drum kit players Tuesdays 1:15-1:50pm
Chamber Orchestra Orchestral players above Grade 5 (by invitation) Wednesdays 1:15-1:50pm
Chamber Choir GCSE Music students Thursdays 1:15-1:50pm
Sinfonia Any students in Years 10 to 13 Fridays 1:15-1:50pm
Grade 5 Theory Class Orchestral players (Grade 2 and above) Fridays 1:15-1:50pm (in Music ICT)
Staff Choir Waiting list – see Mr Daly  
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