St Michaels School Attendance


Attendance Expectations


St.Michael's School seeks to ensure that all its students receive a full-time education which maximises opportunities for each student to realise their true potential.

What is expected from the parents?

  • Please call the school number 02084462256 and choose option 1 before 8.30am each day of your child’s absence.
  • Students are expected to register with their form tutor at 8:40am and 3.25pm daily. If they are late to registration twice in a week they will have a detention after school.
  • Medical appointments information/evidence (doctor, dentist, orthodontist, hospital, counselling) should be emailed to IN ADVANCE.
  • If you have child in sixth form, voicemails need to be left on the absence line from Parents/Carers. NOT the student.
  • If you and your child are experiencing difficulties with school attendance then email your child’s Head of Key Stage as a first step so we can help!
  • Do NOT plan or book family holidays during term time. These will not be authorised.
  • If you wish to ask for an exceptional absence (funeral, music exam, family illness) you should email the marked for the attention of Mr Stimpson , Headteacher.
  • If a student arrives at school AFTER 9.30am they will be recorded as unauthorised for morning registration rather than a late mark until then a reason must be provided by parent to the absence line.
  • Where no phone message or email has been received from parents, the absence is unauthorised. This could lead to further action being taken, including a penalty notice being issued.


 What is expected from the school?

  • Register taken at 8.40am and 3.25pm
  • If your child is not in school and there is no message left by a parent on the absence line, the attendance officer will text parent contact numbers.
  • Heads of Key Stage will send out attendance letters if the % attendance is lower than expected
  • Invite you into school for attendance meetings if we are concerned.
  • If we cannot establish a reason for absence, then we may make a welfare home visit.

When to send a child into school or keep at home



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