Independent Learning

This link relates to the Parents' Information Session on Independent Learning presented by Will Ord. Please consider the information and advice offered when supporting your own child's learning.

Do I want my child to be successful?

As you make your way through your time at St Michael’s, it is essential that you consider how and when you do your independent study.

You will spend thousands of hours over your time at school revising, learning new information and trying to make sense of all this knowledge and skills!

Unfortunately, we often prefer strategies that can create illusions of knowing.

A lot of research and evidence tells us how best to use this time and which strategies to use.

Following are three key effective study strategies.

The words seem complicated but you will see it is not as complex as it seems and you maybe already use some of them!

· Retrieval Practice

· Spaced Practice

· Interleaving

In this document you will find:

  1. Why these strategies are effective: the theories behind great independent learning,
  2. Learn how to learn: Let’s put this into practice!
  3. Expert subject tips to learn better on key subjects

Be aware that this document is the PDF version of our Independent Learning booklet, therefore the page order follows the booklet format.

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