Year 8 retreat

20th March 2023

RE Retreat Reflection

In February, year 8 attended a retreat day at the Niland Conference Centre in Bushey, Hertfordshire. This was a calming, reflective experience, filled with a variety of activities. One example was writing letters to God, in which we could contemplate on our actions, and what we can do better in life. These letters were then burnt in a fire to release our worries. This activity helped me feel peaceful, because it gave me the opportunity to talk to God. Other activities include meditation, which was a relaxing and thoughtful experience, and a creative task- designing our own stained glass windows, and a presentation related to religious music. Overall, I think it was a valuable time to reflect on our relationship with God, and participate in a wide range of activities including singing, colouring and writing in a pleasant environment. 

Isabella 8M

Love one another, as I have loved you