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Exam Results 2019

A*/B grades - 80.7%

A*/A grades - 47.4%

A* Grades - 15%

GCSEs awarded grades 8/9 - 56.3%

GCSEs awarded at grade 7 or above - 74.9%

Progress 8 - This new government measure tells you how well pupils at this school have progressed between the end of primary school (key stage 2) and the end of secondary school (key stage 4), compared to pupils in other schools who got similar results at the end of primary school. This is based on results in up to 8 qualifications, which include English, Maths, 3 qualifications including Sciences, Computer Science, History, Geography and Languages, and 3 other additional qualifying subjects. In the Summer of 2016, the School's Progress 8 score was 0.57 which places the School's performance in the top most level of performance (i.e. the top 5 % of all schools). A figure of 0 would indicate average performance in line with the same type of students in other schools nationally. A figure of 0.5 indicates that pupils achieve an average of half a grade higher in each of their GCSE subjects than would be expected.

Progress Measures for 2016:

Percentage of pupils obtaining a minimum of 5 passes at grade A* to C including English and Maths - 100%

Percentage of pupils who achieved the English Baccalaureate (i.e. passes at grades A* to C in English, Maths, 2 Sciences, History, Geography and an ancient or modern foreign language) - 99%

Key Stage Four Performance Information including link to DfE tables

The Joint Council for Qualifications  - GCSE results August 22nd 2019

The Evening Standard - Top Secondary Schools League Table

Exam Results 2019 - A-Level: A*/B grades 80.7%; GCSE: 8/9 grades 56.3%

A Level results 2019

GCSE Results 2019

Exam Results 2017 - A-Level: A*/B grades 83.7%; GCSE: A*/A grades 

Exam Results 2016 - A-Level: A*/B grades 81.2%; GCSE: A*/A grades 83.7%

Exam Results 2015 - A-Level: A*/B grades 89.4%; GCSE: A*/A grades 86.7%

Exam Results 2014 - A-Level: A*/B grades 86.4%; GCSE: A*/A grades 86%

Exam Results 2013 - A-Level: A*/B grades 91.3%; GCSE: A*/A grades 87.3%

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