1908 Archbishop Bourne of Westminster requested that the Sisters of the Poor Child Jesus come to North Finchley from Southam, Warwickshire and Simpleveld, The Netherlands.  Their purpose was to found a school.
1909 The Sisters opened a small Boarding and Day school for "Young Ladies and Little Boys" (Catholic Directory 1909), just opposite the Church of St. Alban's.  This was in The Grange.  Building work commenced on the new school building (Junior Building).
1914 The new school was opened on 29th September, the feast of St. Michael.
1920 The number of pupils had risen to 199.
1934 As numbers fluctuated, the decision was taken to give up boarders for the expansion of the day school.
1935 Out of the 247 pupils at school, 70 were 'scholarship' pupils.
1938 There were 284 pupils.
1939 189 pupils.  War broke out, families were evacuated.  It was a difficult time for the Sisters as they were unable to meet their liabilities because of reduced fees.  From September 1939 to Easter 1940, the school was evacuated to Chudleigh, Devon.
1945 End of World War II and 324 pupils on roll.
1948 319 pupils on roll: 165 seniors and 154 juniors.
1950 Sr. Clare Dominic PCJ was appointed as the new headmistress.
1951 The application was made to become a Voluntary Aided Grammar School.
1952-53 There was a drastic cut in maintained places and good academic successes.  There was an increase in the number of senior pupils.  There were repeated, unsuccessful attempts to gain agreement to become a voluntary aided school.
1956 Large scale inspection from the Ministry of Education with 8 HM Inspectors, 4 of whom spent 5 days in school!  Very satisfactory report.  The Ministry of Education agreed to the school being given aided status, but only if a suitable new building was provided.  The Sisters agreed to undertake this and to provide the site.  Cardinal Griffin sent his blessing and a promise of £10,000 (but, he died 2 months later...).
1957 Plans for the new building (the Senior Building) were approved in January and work began immediately at an estimated cost of £132,000 and a loan was taken out.  A committee of parents and friends was formed (St. Michael's Society) to help the Sisters raise the money.  This committee ran a Football Pool, which eventually enabled the debt to be paid off by 1974.
1958 29th September (St. Michael's Day) the new St. Michael's Convent Grammar School opened with 2 forms of entry and a new era began.  Expansion to 3 forms of entry followed.
1965 The independent junior school was closed and the classrooms in the Lower School (Junior Building) were made available for the grammar school as temporary accommodation for the increasing numbers.
1970 The former dining hut was converted to the Art Hut (To clarify, the Language Laboratory was the temporary structure. The Dining Hut/Art Hut was a single storey brick building).
 Hut1972-73 The Language Laboratory was added.  The Art Hut, which was a temporary structure, was also built.  There were repeated attempts to gain government funding for additional permanent accommodation, mainly to replace the Lower School building.
1974 Sister Mary Paul PCJ was appointed headmistress.
1980 Miss Mary Daly was appointed as the first lay head.
1987 An agreement was reached whereby the school acquired The Grange and the whole of the Lower School (Junior Building) from the Sisters, the money to be paid over a 50 year period.  The parents funded this and a grant was obtained to bring the buildings up to the required standard.
1995 Miss Ursula Morrissey was appointed headmistress.  New 6th Form Centre and Technology Block blessed and opened by Cardinal Hume O.S.B.
2004 Newly refurbished Maths Suite and a new ICT suite with 33 workstations added to the Junior Building which was opened by Stephen Twigg MP.
2006 Language College Specialist School status achieved.
2007 Building commenced on the new Sports Hall.
2008 Centenary Year - Sunday 28th September, new Sports Hall blessed by Bishop Stack prior to celebrating Mass in the Marquee.  Over 2000 people attended the festivities on a glorious sunny day.  Friday 7th November - HRH Duke of Gloucester unveiled a plaque for the Sports Hall.
2009 Boys (who also met our entrance criteria) were admitted to our 6th Form in September.

Miss Ursula Morrissey retired after 41 years of dedication and devotion to St. Michael's; Mr Julian Ward was appointed headmaster.


The Sisters cancelled the remainder of the debt on the Lower School and Grange by removing the legal charge.


Mr Stimpson became Headteacher.

Love one another, as I have loved you