St Michael’s – Curriculum Vision Statement: “Academic Curiosity”

Written by Mr Stimpson, Headteacher

Teachers inspire their students to love learning through crafting the teaching
sequence so that students become immersed in the subject, see its relevance
to their lives and form links with previous work and other subjects. This body
of knowledge and skills, its sequencing and its interconnections to other areas,
is what we mean by ‘curriculum’.
The curriculum is the planned experience of our students. Activities within the
classroom form the bedrock of the curriculum, but this is supplemented by a
tremendous wealth of trips and activities. We take our students beyond the
confines of the school and out into the world in order to show them that what
they are learning has impacted this world and shaped society, and so is worthy
of diligent study for its own sake irrespective of whether it contributes towards
an examination. The curriculum is greatly influenced by the syllabus content,
but goes beyond this knowledge base in actively developing skills and attitudes
such as working with others, the capacity for resilience and the ability to work
Our curriculum reflects our passion for enabling equality of opportunity across
our school and into the wider society. We celebrate the vital contributions
made by women and the cultural inheritance provided by our ethnically
diverse student body. In addition, we ensure enhanced access to the
curriculum for those students from the lowest socio-economic backgrounds.
Our curriculum vision is to incite ‘Academic Curiosity’, in so doing we enable
our students to reach the highest academic standards and so go on to the next
stage of their educational journey and into careers which will shape our future
society or push back the limits of human knowledge and understanding. The
acquisition of key knowledge, skills and ideas delivered by our curriculum
enriches lives and enables our students to appreciate this wonderful universe,
God’s creation, and begin to see their own unique and vital place within it.

If you would like to know more about the curriculum at St Michael's, please visit the pages for KS3, KS4 and KS5. If you have a specific question in relation to our curriculum, please contact Mrs Sheehy (Deputy Headteacher)

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