‘Super-curricular’ is a phrase used to cover the learning that happens in a sixth form that goes beyond the curriculum and A-Level specifications.

At St. Michael’s, we encourage every sixth former to fully engage in a range of super-curricular activities, including:

  • Extra reading, including academic works and journals (suggestions are available from teachers)
  • Attendance at university lectures and taster courses
  • Online lecture courses 
  • Visiting museums and galleries
  • Listening to academic podcasts
  • Entering academic competitions


The super-curriculum ensures that students develop their “ability to think critically and independently, to argue logically while keeping an open mind to new ideas…[and to develop] a genuine passion and enthusiasm for their subject.” (University of Cambridge)

A very useful resources for super-curricular activities from the University of Cambridge


Year 12 Lecture Series

Each Year 12 student will attend at least three super-curricular lectures given by a teacher. Teachers at St. Michael’s are outstanding subject specialists and experts in their fields: they thoroughly enjoy sharing their expertise with students, and, in turn, students relish the opportunity to learn more.

Lectures in 2022/23 included:

‘People in the streets: A history of revolt in France’ – Mrs C. Gray, Head of MFL

‘The Whale’s Tale’ – Mr S. Hunter-Gordon, Head of Science

‘Abstract Art: I can do that!’ – Ms K. Bullivant, Head of Art

‘The Romantics: Landscape and Emotion’ – Mrs R. Woolf, Dept Head of English

‘Unmasking Autism: The untold stories of autistic women’ – Ms O. McKibbin, Maths

‘The East End of London: How the arts through literature, film and photography represent the image and geography of a local place’ – Mr J. McCraith, Geography

Year 10 Lecture Series

Year 12 students also undertake their own academic research programme and deliver a series of lectures to Year 10 students.

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