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Starting your teaching career at St Michael’s Catholic Grammar School under the School Direct Salaried Scheme

We are looking to recruit enthusiastic graduates for our 5 school direct courses

- English

- Mathematics

- Music

- Science

- Religious Education


 We also offer apprenticeship.


Support and professional development

As a trainee, you will be provided with a subject mentor, a professional coordinating mentor and a tutor from St Mary’s University

From September 1st, you will be teaching a 50% timetable having attended at school a fortnightly induction session in late June or early July of 2018

Our program aims to prepare you to:

- Become effective secondary school teachers

- Become knowledgeable subject specialists who can take on later responsibilities in curriculum development

- Become good classroom managers

- Become successful form tutors and collaborative colleagues.

How to Apply

Candidates are welcome to email the school office ( if they wish to come and observe some lessons for a day prior to applying.

The formal application process is via the UCAS Teacher Training portal here.

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