Well Being at St Michael's

 A teenager in 2019 in London probably faces different challenges to the teenage years that their parents faced.

Smart phones, academic pressure, the cost of housing and living, student loans, media pressure on looks and lifestyle are all pressures that parents may not have faced.

We recognise that teenage years can have hurdles and at St. Michael's we want to create an environment where all of our community can access the support they need to fulfil their potential and roles in life. Students and staff.

We are currently working towards the Well Being Award. This focuses on how we are supporting good mental health and emotional well being.

We have asked students, parents and staff for their views on what we are doing well and what we could be doing better.

The main focus is on communication. Although much is happening to support students and give them information and activities which help them explore aspects of their well being, this information is not then widely communicated to all students and parents.

This page is a step towards improving the information that parents have to access support and know how the school is working with their children to promote good mental health and emotional well being.

School Support available:

Mrs Stavrou (Student Support)- offering weekly sessions dealing with friendship issues, anxiety, exam stres, organisation, revision techniques

Julie Glassman- School Counsellor (ConnectEd)- offering weekly sessions for around 12 weeks. Julie is an experienced and qualified counsellor who has worked at St  Michael's for 5 years. This is a confidential free service open to any student (Referrals through Head of Key Stage or Mrs Sheehy)


In the curriculum certain topics which are related to well being are taught:

Sixth Form

Managing stress x2

Stress Questionnaire and coping strategies

Mental illness prevention

Relaxation and mindfulness

Social Media and its impact

The impact of technology on our well being

Yoga in enrichment lessons x3

First Aid in enrichment lessons x3

Healthy eating in enrichment lessons x3

Personal Finance [How to manage/avoid debt] x3

As part of the well being project I'm going to introduce some new tutorials  for example 'slut shaming'.


Less Stress (NCS)
Cast Away Programme - including meditation
Coping Strategies
Stress and Time Management
Mental Health

Y10 - Consent, LGBT+ issues ( Education for Living)


Y7 - Puberty - dealing with emotional changes , mindfulness
Y9 - Just Like Us -It's Ok to be me (LGBT+)



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