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Life in the Sixth Form as a new student

Naturally, deciding to attend a new school for Sixth Form was a difficult and daunting decision.

I was anxious about whether I would fit in and make friends, and whether I would be able to keep up with the rigorous style of education. I even worried about whether the teachers would treat me differently, or overlook me because I was a new student. Since starting at St. Michael's however, all of my anxieties have dissipated and I wouldn't want to study anywhere else.

The Sixth Form generates an aura of positivity due to the fact that the 'old girls' are extremely welcoming and excited to meet new people. The staff are also very helpful and supportive; you are never made to feel as though you don't belong, and you become part of the school community the moment that you arrive.

The Catholic ethos of the school enables students to reflect upon the ways in which they treat others, and encourages pupils to think about their vocation and purpose, whatever that may be. Students who do not come from a faith background or are of other faiths appreciate this aspect of St. Michael's, as it aids personal growth and provides a way for the whole school to come together as a community.

If you are looking for a fresh start, at a school that will provide you with an outstanding education and direct you to success, then St. Michael's is definitely the right school for you.

Ranyechi Udemezue Head Girl

Life in Sixth Form - staying on from Year 11

When I entered the Sixth form I wasn't sure how the relationship between teacher and student would change. I was pleasantly surprised to find that, since you spend more time with your teachers, the relationship soon becomes friendly and amicable. I found that you could really rely on your teachers to help and support you in any way needed, particularly when you find yourself falling behind or struggling. Often setting up extra classes or revision sessions, giving up their own time to help you keep up with everything. You also receive a lot of support from the Head of Sixth Form, Mr Roberts, as he sorts out any issues you may have with new subjects or settling in if you are new. In addition to this we receive mentoring from our form tutors, finding out how we are getting on and pointing us in the right direction both in terms of school life and future career ideas. 

Alice Maini Deputy Head Girl


The two years I spent at St Michael's sixth form were some of my happiest, and most formative school years. I applied to the school because I knew that it would stretch me academically, and because I wanted to be connected with more like-minded individuals who would challenge me in the classroom. What I encountered, however, was a student body and staff that also supported my personal growth, and helped me be confident in my abilities. Having come from a school with very little pastoral support, I found the individual care afforded by the teachers and the warm welcome of the sixth formers marvellous. One of the things I loved most about my time at the school was the freedom we were granted. Sixth formers were trusted to use their free time wisely with minimal supervision, and in the classroom we were given the space and freedom to explore new concepts which not only prepared us well for exams, but also for a life of learning outside the classroom. This approach prepared me well to read an undergraduate History and English (joint honours) at Merton College, Oxford. Since finishing my degree in June 2020 I have become a mentoring manager for a tutoring company, and am planning to undertake a Master's degree in Gender Studies next academic year.
All the best,
Cyara Wilsenach,



Extra Curricular Activities in Sixth Form

There is a large range of activities for students to take part in at St Michael's. Some of these activities are aimed at benefitting the student's academic success such as the Maths, Chemistry, Biology or Physics clinics where teachers help students with their individual questions. Others such as Science Club, Feminist Club, Maths Club, Classics Club are run by Sixth Formers for younger pupils. Sixth Formers are also given the opportunity to create their own societies within the school. This enables them to make sure that a wide range od interests are covered- if there isn't one you are interested in you can start your own!

There is also the opportunity to get involved in music groups such as Chamber Orchestra, Chamber Choir or Guitar ensemble. Each of these groups are regularly involved in Showcases, assemblies and  masses. There is a school musical every other year which combines both musical and dramatic elements of the school and which Sixth Formers often take the lead.

The Sports Hall and Gym are available for individual and group activities and there is a 'Chance to Dance' every year for students to perform their own style of dancing in a professional setting. The Sixth Form take a lead role as marshals for the annual Sports Day.

There are a huge number of day and residential trips for Sixth Form. Paris for History, CERN in Geneva for Physics, European Work Experience for language students, Lourdes and Kenya (see Luanda project) Lucie Murphy Deputy Head Girl


A Level Subjects at St. Michael's

There is a huge variety of subjects and extra curricular classes to ensure a well rounded education and school experience at St. Michael's. I was lucky enough to study three languages at GCSE, French, Spanish and Latin, although Italian and German were also available. The school also excels in  subjects such as Music, Art, Food and Materials and Sports. St. Michael's frequently wins the Barnet cup for Sports and Drama and Music performances are popular every year. We are also lucky to have excellent teachers and results in Sciences and Maths and Further Maths, English and Humanities, which are some of the most popular subjects. With the amazing and passionate teachers it is no surprise why! Being a Catholic School, there is a focus on Religious Education and from Year 7 it is an exciting subject where you can not only learn about your own faith, but also skills such as essay writing and analysis and discussion and public speaking. Most importantly, we are taught about faiths and beliefs from around the World. Isabella Gauci Green - Deputy Head Girl

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