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St. Michael’s Catholic Grammar School

Applicants should attend our 'Into the Sixth Form' evening THURSDAY 7th NOVEMBER 2019 from 7 - 9pm. Please arrive by 7pm for subject talks in the Junior building. The Head teacher talk will commence at 8:40pm in the School Hall.

Download our  A level Courses Information Booklet  and the Application Form.

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As a Catholic School we aim to provide a Catholic education for all our pupils. At our School Catholic doctrine and practice permeate every aspect of the School’s activity. It is essential that the Catholic character of the School’s education is fully supported by all families in the School. All applicants and are therefore expected to give their full, unreserved and positive support for the aims and ethos of the School.

Sixth Form Admission Requirements

This information is made available on the school website and is applicable for entry in September 2019.

All students who wish to join the Sixth Form at St Michael’s must attain sufficient grades in their GCSEs in order to satisfy or exceed both of the following requirements:

1. Applicants should have achieved the equivalent of at least 6 GCSE passes at grade 7 or above including at least a level 7 in English Language and Mathematics.

2. Applicants should also have at least a grade 7 at GCSE in the subjects (or those closely related to them) they wish to study at Advanced Level, as a grade 7 to 9 at GCSE are a necessary preparation for success at A Level. Where a GCSE subject has different components the School expects at least grade 7 in each component of a higher paper (where applicable). If students wish to study a subject at Advanced Level which they have not studied at GCSE then they will be expected to have at least a grade 7 in the most closely related subject(s): i.e. in English Language and Literature for English Literature, in English Language for Politics, in Maths and English Language for Economics and in English Literature for Classical Civilisation. However, in creative or practical subjects like Art and Product Design, a 6 may be acceptable if an applicant can demonstrate evidence of talent, aptitude and prior achievement in that subject area. There is also greater flexibility in Psychology and Sociology where a grade 6 in English Language and Maths may be sufficient for the candidate who is highly motivated towards success in Social Sciences.

Application forms for applicants from other Schools should be received by the School by 28 February. Applicants will be informed in writing by Easter whether the School is able to make them an offer of a place, or a place on the waiting list. Any offer will be provisional upon GCSE results. Students who make a late application run the risk that all the places on the A Level courses of their choice will be taken. The full Admissions Policy can be found on the school website.


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