Staff List 2021-22


Mrs Abiola Animashaun                     Geography                           

Miss Marta Aparici-Sanson                Spanish part time                

Mrs Dorota Bajaka                               2nd in RE

Mrs Louise Beckham                            Geography part time, Cover Supervisor

Ms Rachel Buckeridge                         Maths, Deputy Head of KS3

Ms Kate Bullivant                                  Head of Art

Mrs Jackie Caistor                                 Teacher in Charge of Food & Nutrition part time, Science

Mrs Vanessa Campbell                         Science – Chemistry part time

Ms Rachel Carter                                  Acting Head of Classics part time

Mrs Antima Chauhan                           Science - Biology

Ms Eva Cheuk                                        RE

Miss Daniela Corona Cruz                    Spanish and French

Mr Damian Curless                               Head of  Social Sciences part time

Mr Daniel Daly                                      Director of Music

Ms Caroline Duffy                                Head of English

Mrs Sarah Evans                                    Head of RE

Mr James Ferry                                     Trainee Teacher of PE

Mrs Jing (Jenny) Gao                            Head of Chemistry

Miss Helen Gartland                             English (Maternity cover)

Mrs Christine Gauci                              French & Spanish part time

Mrs Coralie Gray                                   Head of MFL, Teacher in Charge of French, Senior Lead for Teaching & Learning

Dr Sonia Guidato-Beck                         Biology

Mrs Kat Heron                                      Head of Drama; Assistant Headteacher – Head of KS3

Mr Neil Hinnem                                    Assistant Headteacher, Sixth Form,  RE, SENCO, Careers

Mr Sam Hunter Gordon                       Head of Science - & Biology

Mrs Karen Hutchinson                         Technology part time

Mrs Yvonne Innes                                 Head of PE part time

Mrs Nicola Kay                                      Art part time

Miss Janice Leung                                 History

Miss Ann-marie Magee                       Head of Physics; Coordinator of Key Stage 3 Science

Mrs Erica Malcomson                          Classics/Latin part time

Mr Joe McCraith                                   Head of Geography

Miss Olivia McKibbin                            Maths

Mrs Imelda Meehan                             RE part time

Mrs Vicky Morrison                              Chemistry part time

Mrs Jo Moutell                                      Physics part time

Ms Jessica Munoz                                 MFL & RE, Deputy Head of KS3

Miss Ciara Nicholson                            PE, Deputy Head of KS4

Miss Funda Ordu                                  Computer Science part time

Ms Sophie Pardoe                                English

Mrs Alyson Philips                                Food & Nutrition part time

Mr Brian Roberts                                  Politics part time

Miss Katrina Royston                            Maths

Mr Zeeshan Sadiq                                 Chemistry

Mrs Elisa Scarato                                  Teacher in charge of Italian & French

Mr Qaisar Shah                                     Economics

Mrs Jo Sheehy                                      Deputy Headteacher;  Physics

Mrs Jillian Simms                                   Maths part time

Miss Natasha Stewart Cooper            2nd in Maths

Mr Michael Stimpson                           Headteacher

Mrs Liz Thompson                                Psychology part time

Mrs Juliette Toye                                  Biology

Miss Vui Tran                                         Maths

Miss Jo Turvill                                        Acting Teacher in Charge of Design & Technology part time

Mr Mihari Visaria                                  Maths                    

Mrs Brigitte Waldron                           Head of Maths, Teachers in Training Mentor  

Mrs Rosalynne Wallis                           Assistant Headteacher – Head of KS4, Pastoral and Work-Related Curriculum; Exams Secretary, RE

Mr Paul Ward                                        Head of History; Deputy Head of Sixth Form, University Links Coordinator

Mrs Helen Warnock                             English part time

Ms Rebecca Woolf                                English, 2nd in English

Dr Siobhan Wyatt                                 English & History Maternity Leave

Mrs Gabriella Zene                               Italian part time

Mrs Anna Zinchiri                                 Teacher in Charge of Spanish            



Mrs Sandra Almas                                 Canteen Supervisor

Miss Ellome Anistan                              Technician - Biology

Mr Richard Arcos                                  Caretaker

Mrs Hedy Cohen                                   Medical Room Supervisor, Cover Supervisor & Invigilator

Mrs Michele Cox                                    Office Team Leader & HR, Clerk to Governors

Mr Anthony Cutler                                Caretaker Team Leader

Mr Neville De Lord                                 Examinations Administrator, Cover Supervisor

Fr Jean Diame                                       School Chaplain

Mr Loriano Farina                                  Caretaker part time

Mrs Vivien Fijten                                     Medical Room Supervisor, Cover Supervisor    

Mrs Lucy Kalenga                                 Canteen Assistant

Miss Sorcha Leavey                              Technician – Physics, Cover Supervisor

Mrs Flutra Likmeta                                 Assistant Canteen Supervisor

Mrs Sue Liu                                             Technician – Food & Nutrition

Mrs Anita Mills                                        Librarian & Reprographics Officer

Miss Claire Morris                                    SIMS, Data and Website Administrator

Mrs Eithne O’Sullivan                            Technician - Chemistry

Mrs Alma O’Toole                                 Assistant Technician - Science

Mrs Kristy Pasquariello                          Finance Administrator

Mrs Samantha Petricca                       Administrative Assistant (Reception)

Miss Paulina Pianko                              Cover & Attendance Administrator

Mrs Monique Pisani                               Assistant Librarian & Reprographics Officer

Mrs Karen Roberts                                 Technician – Art, Assistant Technician – Display, Medical Room Supervisor, Cover Supervisor &Invigilator

Mrs Yanina Rodriguez Solis                   Senior Finance Administrator

Ms Rabia Sidibe                                    Canteen Assistant

Mrs Geraldine Smallbone                    Admissions Administrator

Mrs Alex Stavrou                                   Student Support Assistant

Mrs Maria Strofton                                 Medical Room Supervisor

Miss Aksa Tahir                                      Student Support Assistant, Cover Supervisor

Mr Dave Thevarajah                            Cover Supervisor/PE Support

Mr Savvas Tofallis                                  Technician – Design & Technology

Vacancy                                  School Business Manager


Cover Supervisors and Invigilators                 

Mr Cebert Crawford

Mrs Eimer Elms

Mr Edward Margiotta

Mrs Chinwe Otote

Miss Charlotte Rodgers



Miss Tracy Blowfield

Mr Tekin Hakki

Mr Anton Hanley 

Mr Rowland Leigh

Mr Mike Williams  



Approved Visitor List      


Connect Systems IT Support   

Mr George Pite


Other specialist agency staff

Ms Julie Glassman                                                School Counsellor (Friday mornings - weekly)

Ms Joanna Raingold                                            School Counsellor (Tuesday mornings – weekly)

Mr Gerry Stonehouse                                           Careers Adviser (Wednesdays - weekly))

Ms Jacqueline Sambrook                                    School Nurse (Tuesday lunchtimes - monthly)


Language Assistants

Miss Emilie Jacob                                                  French

Miss Claudia Marin                                               Italian

Miss Maria Arias Lozano                                       Spanish


Peripatetic Teachers                            List with HR/Music Director



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