Music at St. Michael's

The Music Department at St. Michael’s has two classroom music teachers, as well as a team of 15 highly-experienced peripatetic teachers.

Many students at St. Michael’s learn an instrument at school, with over 130 lessons taking place every week. Students can start to learn an instrument in any year group of the school, whether a beginner or experienced player, and applications for lessons can be handed in at any point during the year. Interested students should ask the Director of Music for an application form.

The department runs a range of ensembles, for students who have not long been learning their instrument, to players and singers at Grade 8 and beyond. A detailed list of ensembles can be found below. There are frequent opportunities for students to perform at concerts, as well as part of liturgies and masses, and the annual Carol Service. The Music Department regularly collaborates on performances with the Drama Department - most recently West Side Story in 2017, and we will be performing Sister Act in February 2019. The Music Department also has a history of concert tours to Europe, most recently to Amsterdam in July 2018.

You can follow the Music Department on Twitter @MusicStMichaels

DATES for 2018-19

  • Chamber Concert – Thursday 18th October 2018, 7pm, School Hall
  • Autumn Concert – Thursday 22nd November 2018, 7pm, School Hall
  • Carol Service – Thursday 13th December 2018, 7pm, School Hall
  • Sister Act – 7/9/10th February 2019, School Hall
  • Chamber Concert – Thursday 14th February 2019, 7pm, School Hall
  • A Level Recitals – Thursday 14th March 2019, 7pm, School Hall
  • Spring Concert – Thursday 21st March 2019, 7pm, School Hall
  • Chamber Concert – Thursday 23rd May 2019, 7pm, Music Room
  • Summer Concert – TBC


Extra-curricular Programme 



Junior Choir

Any students in Years 7, 8 and 9

Monday 1:25-2pm

Jazz Band

Any wind or brass players, guitar, bass and drum kit

Monday 3:50-4:30pm

Guitar Ensemble

Any guitarists

Wednesday 1:25-2pm

Chamber Orchestra

Orchestral players above Grade 5

Wednesday 1:25-2pm

Chamber Choir

Any students in Years 10, 11, 12 and 13

Thursday 1:25-2pm

Brass Ensemble

Any brass players

Thursday 1:25-2pm

Recorder Group

Any recorder players

Thursday 1-1:25pm

Grade 5 Theory Class

Limited space – see Mr Daly if you would like to take part.

Friday 1:25-2pm


Orchestral players from Grades 2 to 5

Friday 1:25-2pm

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