Life as a new student in Sixth Form by Ranyechi Udemezue (Head Girl)


Naturally, deciding to attend a new school for Sixth Form was a difficult and daunting decision.

I was anxious about whether I would fit in and make friends, and whether I would be able to keep up with the rigorous style of education. I even worried about whether the teachers would treat me differently, or overlook me because I was a new student. Since starting at St. Michael's however, all of my anxieties have dissipated and I wouldn't want to study anywhere else.

The Sixth Form generates an aura of positivity due to the fact that the 'old girls' are extremely welcoming and excited to meet new people. The staff are also very helpful and supportive; you are never made to feel as though you don't belong, and you become part of the school community the moment that you arrive.

The Catholic ethos of the school enables students to reflect upon the ways in which they treat others, and encourages pupils to think about their vocation and purpose, whatever that may be. Students who do not come from a faith background or are of other faiths appreciate this aspect of St. Michael's, as it aids personal growth and provides a way for the whole school to come together as a community.

If you are looking for a fresh start, at a school that will provide you with an outstanding education and direct you to success, then St. Michael's is definitely the right school for you.

St Michael's is a very welcoming community
- Angela and Shoumiya
Everybody is so friendly and caring, making it easy for new students like myself to settle in
- Sulaymaan
I like the work focus that everyone has
- Alex
It's been a very welcoming environment and family like
- Lizzie

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