New Building

June Update:

Temporary accommodation is arriving and is being installed on the tennis courts. The car park is finished and is being used. Everything will be moved from the Senior Building during the Summer Holidays and everything will be ready for teaching at the beginning of next term!

If you are interested in more details, please see the large display in the Reception area (June 27th)

You may have noticed that building work has started!

Central Government (ESFA) is funding a major project through the PSBP2 programme for St. Michael's. The Senior Building is going to be demolished a brand new one built by 2020 (see proposed design in picture).

Luxury temporary accommodation is arriving soon to be installed on the tennis courts. (Some Sports lessons will be coached to Burnt Oak Leisure Centre during this time - ESFA funded)

They have started on a new car park which will replace the current one at the front of reception. The area at the front of Reception will be re-planted with grass and trees when work is finished.

Please be assured : THERE WILL BE NO NOISE DISRUPTION TO PUBLIC EXAMS.  We are ensuring safety at all times and spaces for the students to relax in at lunchtimes.

Thanks to parents, students and staff for their patience while this work is taking place.



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