Admissions 2022-23


YEARS 8 – 11


We do not have any places available for In-Year entry in Years 8-11 for the current year.  If you would like to add your daughter’s name to our Continued Interest Waiting List please email .  If a place becomes available in your daughter’s year group you will be contacted and invited to apply.  Entrance tests are not required to join the waiting list.  Entrance tests will only be held for eligible applicants if an in-year place is available.


You are recommended to familiarise yourself with our Admissions Policy for 2022-23, which can be found below.  Historically we are oversubscribed with applicants to sit entrance tests and apply our oversubscription criteria to applications for in-year places.




The waiting list for Year 7 entry up to 31 December comprises of the girls who sat the entrance tests and requested a place in the secondary transfer admissions process but did not gain a place.  This list will remain in place until 31 December 31 December 2022 and we cannot add any new names to the waiting list until after this date.  From January 2023 a Continued Interest Waiting List will be put in place and new names can be added.  Parents who wish to transfer their daughter’s name from the Year 7 waiting list to the Continued Interest Waiting List should email the request to after 31 December 2022.




Information regarding Sixth Form admissions can be found in the Sixth Form section of the website.




If you require any further information please email your query to

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