Our Catholic Heritage

The school is first and foremost a Catholic school which was set up by the Sisters of the Poor Child Jesus over 100 years ago. Throughout the time since it has maintained its link with the Sisters and their mission to educate children in the light of the Catholic faith. This approach is maintained by the current Leadership (Senior Leadership Team and Governors) who see the role of the school as one which enables young people to succeed in their studies so that they can take up positions of influence in society and so change it so that it more faithfully reflects the teachings of Jesus.
Senior Leaders are Catholic and play a central role in the prayer life of the school in Assemblies and in Staff meetings where prayer is always a part of the Agenda. In whole-school assemblies the Headteacher or other senior staff actively draw connections between current events and Catholic teaching and understanding. In addition, the Core RE programme in the Sixth Form is part-taught by senior leaders so that students can see directly how faith motivates and inspires the school’s leadership.
The current headteacher has actively maintained the links with the Sisters of the Poor Child Jesus through visiting Southam (the centre for the UK order) where he has met both Sr Mary Paul and the General Superior of the Order.
The governors and trustees are active in maintaining the Catholic nature of the school. Governors support the Luanda initiative, they attend key school Masses (such as the Mass at the start of the academic year with staff), the Christmas carol service and visit the school as subject links (such as the RE link).

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