Staff List

Teacher Department
Ms A Animashaun Geography
Miss M Aparici-Sanson Spanish part time
Mrs L Beckham Teacher in Charge of German, EWE
Mr T Boardman 2nd in Maths
Miss M Bohan Science (Chemistry); Deputy Head of KS4
Mrs D Bowers-Broadbent Music part time
Mr T Brautigam History with Geography
Ms R Buckeridge Maths, Acting Deputy Head of KS3
Ms K Bullivant Head of Art
Mrs J Caistor Teacher in Charge of Food Technology
Ms R Carter Classics
Mr M Conroy Science
Mr A Cooper Head of Science part time
Mr F Cormack Geography part time
Mr D Curless Head of Sixth Form Social Sciences
Mr D Daly Director of Music
Miss M Devlin 2nd in RE, Lay Chaplain
Miss G Dixon Head of PE
Mrs C Duff Head of English
Mrs S Ferracane Head of RE
Miss H Ferry 2nd in English
Mrs C Gauci Languages (French/Spanish) part time
Mrs C Gray Head of MFL
Mrs K Heron Head of Drama; Acting Head of KS3
Mr S Hunter Gordon Head of Biology
Mrs K Hutchinson Teacher in Charge of Design and Technology
Mrs Y Innes 2nd in PE part time
Mr J Kinoulty Maths
Dr Lappin Science (Biology) part time
Ms E Lazarou PE
Ms K Lawrence Economics
Miss A Magee Head of Physics
Mr D Manning English part time
Mrs C Monteiro Sixth Form Psychology part time
Mrs V Morrison Science (Chemistry) part time
Mrs J Moutell Science (Physics) part time
Mrs C Mrozek Computer Science
Dr S Peak Classics; University Links Coordinator
Mrs F Pini Teacher of French and Italian part time
Mrs D Rabinowicz Science (Chemistry) part time
Mr B Roberts Assistant Headteacher, Sixth Form
Mrs E Scarato Teacher i/c of Italian part time
Ms M Servino French
Mrs J Sheehy Deputy Headteacher; Science (Physics)
Miss K Shepherd Art
Mrs A Shiach Food Technology Yr 11 & 12 Extension
Mr L Slociak History with Geography
Mrs C Sparey Head of Chemistry part time
Miss N Stewart Cooper Maths
Mr M Stimpson Headteacher
Mrs L Thompson Sixth Form Psychology part time
Mrs P Townsend RE part time
Mrs J Toye Science (Biology)
Miss J Turvill Technology: Materials part time
Mrs Z U Malterre Trainee Teacher of Maths
Mr M Visaria Maths
Mrs B Waldron Head of Maths
Mrs R Wallis Assistant Headteacher, KS4
Mr P Ward Head of History; Deputy Head of Sixth
Mrs H Warnock English part time
Mrs E Wes Head of Geography (on maternity leave)
Ms R Woolf English part time
Dr S Wyatt Trainee Teacher of English
Mrs A Zinchiri Teacher in Charge of Spanish
Support Staff List

Mrs C Adair     Finance Assistant

Ms C Agnew    Administrative Assistant; 6th Form Admissions

Mrs S Almas    Catering Assistant

Mrs J Boyne      Receptionist; inc 16-19 Bursaries Secretary,  DofE Award Coordinator

Mrs H Cohen     Welfare Officer, First Aider, Cover Supervisor

Mrs M Cox        Clerk to Governors, Learning Mentor, Friends of St Michael’s Secretary

Mrs L Diston     Cook

Mr L Farina       Assistant Caretaker, First Aider

Mrs D Ferri       Finance Officer

Mrs V Fijten      Welfare Officer; Registered Nurse; Cover Supervisor  

Mrs Z Goncalves      Catering Assistant

Mr A Grazioli       Assistant Caretaker/First Aider

Mrs S Hickin        INSET, MIS and Assessment & Data Manager

Mr S Kathirgamanathan        Technician (Technology D/T)

Mrs L Kutabikisa    Mealtime Assistant Cover Supervisor Invigilator/First Aider

Mrs L Lennon         Examinations Officer

Mrs F Likmeta        Catering Assistant

Mrs S Liu               Technician (Technology, Food)

Mrs M Lopes          Catering Assistant

Mr G Mainwaring    Technician (Science)/First Aider

Mrs C Marshall       Junior ICT Room Supervisor

Mrs A Mills             Media Resources Officer/Librarian

Mrs E Novelli          Mealtime Assistant

Mrs E O’Sullivan      Lab Assistant

Mrs A O’Toole         Lab Assistant

Mrs K Pasquariello  Home School Links Officer, First Aider

Mrs M Pisani           Assistant Media Resources Officer/Librarian, First Aider

Mrs K Roberts         Technician Art, Display, Invigilator, First Aider

Mrs M Signorini         Cover and Timetable Manager; First Aider

Mr R Spilsbury           Site Supervisor, First Aider

Mrs F Stewart            Junior ICT Room Supervisor/Cover Supervisor

Mrs M Strofton           Welfare Officer; First Aider

Mrs T Varandani         Technician (Science)

Mrs K Williams           Office and HR Manager, School Admissions  Secretary


Other specialist agency staff

Ms J Glassman                               School Counsellor (Friday mornings)

Ms H Joshi                                      Careers Adviser (Wednesday)

Ms J Locke                                         Teaching Assistant

Language Assistants

Mrs G Zene – Italian                 Miss A Zazempa (French) Miss P Bernardo Jambrina (Spanish)

 Cover Supervisors and Invigilators                                                                                        

Mr T Barrow                           Mr  Grant                           Mr T Hakki

Mrs P Berguer                        Mrs  Le                               Mr A Hanley

Mrs J Burke                            Mrs A Maton                       Mrs C Jones

Mr P Coleman                         Mrs J Faulkner                    Mr E Margiotta

Mrs K Krause                          Mrs  Mrozek

Mrs V Draper                          Mr G Vieri

Mr R Leigh                              Mr M Williams






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