A Message From The Head

St Michael’s is a lovely school. I have been at St Michael’s since 1989, first as Assistant Headteacher, then Deputy Headmaster in 1990 and from September 2012 as Headmaster. In that time the school has transformed itself into one of the best grammar schools in the country in terms of its academic performance and its reputation for the standard of its pastoral care. We are almost unique as a grammar school in that we are also a Faith school. This means that we are first and foremost a Catholic school.   I am the latest in a long line of headteachers, most of whom were Sisters following in the footsteps of their foundress, Venerable Clare Fey. Her wish was to promote a life style which she referred to as “The Practice of Walking in the Presence of God”. This is encompassed in our school’s Mission Statement quoting Jesus’ words ‘Love one another as I have loved you’.  I hope that everything we do as staff, pupils, parents, trustees and governors can be based on this premise.  This is an invitation for new stakeholders to consider how they might contribute to fulfill this challenge. It is also a constant reminder to members of our existing school community to evaluate how we are enabling the School to achieve this aim.

The best schools are communities where the school is judged, not simply in terms of economic data such as profit or loss (i.e. academic performance), but in terms of what everyone is also investing of themselves to support the central aim of the organisation. Therefore, my challenge as headmaster is to ensure that the young people who come to St. Michael’s excel  in terms of their whole identity as human beings – spiritually and morally – within a complex economic and political society. I cannot achieve this unless all members of our school community also see this as their challenge. This has to be our central purpose – or if you like, our mission. In this sense we are all missionaries!

Julian Ward


Headmaster's Notice of Impending Retirement

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