Adult Language Classes

Details for St. Michael's Students for Language Lessons after school

Adult Language Lessons September 2011

Following the success of the last three years, we would very much like to continue to offer adult language lessons in Mandarin Chinese, Japanese, and Spanish on Wednesday evenings from 7.00 pm to 9.00 pm starting on 21st September 2011 at St. Michael’s Catholic Grammar School in North Finchley.

These classes are now solely organised by the providers and no longer through the school. Please find all the relevant contact details below. Should you need more information or clarification please do not hesitate in contacting the provider of the language you are interested in and they will be able to answer any queries or questions you may have.

The providers are also planning to run different sessions on Wednesday evenings from 7pm to 9pm and, should there be enough interest, there will be different classes for varying levels of ability.

Class sizes will be limited, so if you are interested in applying then please contact the appropriate provider at your earliest convenience and please also be aware that these lessons are only for adults and there will be a charge for them.

Yours sincerely,

Mrs F.Pini
Acting Director of Language College

Huahsia Chinese School
0208 201 0698

Clara Marshall 
(prefers contact by telephone 07808912793)

Hitomi Topham


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