Welcome to the Science Department at St. Michaels.

Key Stage 3
In Years 7, 8 and 9 the pupils are taught the Science National Curriculum. We teach this in separate Biology, Chemistry and Physics topics. The pupils regularly do practical work and observe teacher demonstrations of experiments. After each topic there is an assessment test and each pupil is awarded a National Curriculum level for the test. We regularly provide feedback to pupils to inform them as to how they can make good progress and aim towards a high standard. Each September the pupils are provided with a text book which includes all the topics to be covered in that school year.
The key topic areas are:-

Year 7
Biology- Cells, Reproduction
Chemistry- Acids and Alkalis, Chemical Changes
Physics-Electricity, Forces

Year 8
Biology-Food and Digestion, Microbes and Disease
Chemistry-Atoms and Elements, Compounds and Mixtures
Physics-Heating and Cooling, Sound and Hearing

Year 9
Biology-Inheritance and selection, Plants and Photosynthesis
Chemistry-Reactions of Metals, Environmental Chemistry
Physics-Pressure and Moments, Speeding Up

Key Stage 4
All of the pupils study either:-
GCSE Dual Science (GCSE Science in Year 10 and GCSE Additional Science in Y11) or
GCSE Triple Science (GCSE Biology, GCSE Chemistry, GCSE Physics)
We follow the OCR specification ‘21st Century Science’ which is modern and well resourced. The pupils’ text books show which Biology, Chemistry and Physics topics are covered.
Details of the courses can be found on the OCR website.

Dual Science
GCSE Science (taught and examined in Year 10)
GCSE Additional Science (taught and examined in Year 11)

Triple Science - GCSE Biology, Chemistry, Physics
These courses are taught through Year 10 and Year 11 though are examined at the end of Year 11.

Controlled Assessments (coursework activities) take place in Year 10 and in Year 11. This part of the course contributes 25% towards the final GCSE assessment.
Pupils may proceed on to A-level from GCSE Dual Science or GCSE Triple Science.

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