Within the Pastoral Curriculum your daughter will study:

Citizenship - lessons have been taught on: the School Council (Pupil Voice); the role of central and local government; economic implications of the global community; an introduction to personal finance and business; responsibility within the school community; communication skills. 
Education for Living - lessons have included personal hygiene, puberty and reproduction. 
In Tutorial, pupils have followed the Induction programme incorporating lessons on emotional literacy and they have participated in team building activities.  In addition topics including bullying, friendship and personal safety have been covered.

Citizenship - skills of enquiry, communication, participation and need for responsible action have been developed to a higher level.
Education for Living - your daughter has studied dental health and drugs education.  In Tutorial, pupils have considered a broad range of topics including rules, rights and responsibilities, crime and consequences, choices facing consumers, types of business and environmental issues.

Citizenship - your daughter has learned about the criminal justice system and how it relates to young people.
Education for Living – she has learned more about human reproduction with the emphasis on responsible parenthood and relationships. 
In Tutorial pupils have considered topics relating to choices and decisions including options for their future. They have heard a range of outside speakers talk about their working experiences and responsibilities. In addition, the effects of all types of stereotyping, racism, discrimination and developing knowledge of personal strengths have been taught.

Citizenship - the British Electoral and Legal Systems together with the Monarchy and Parliamentary Democracy.  
Education for Living – the physiological facts of fertility and infertility with the moral issues arising from these. 
Tutorial – setting personal goals, identifying strengths and weaknesses both in the context of academic achievement (including support with study skills and time management) and the world of work (including work experience preparation such as analysing expectations, Health and Safety, Personal Safety, the Law and Work, Equal Opportunities).

Citizenship - your daughter has continued to add to her Citizenship log of activities together with additional work on equal opportunities. 
In Tutorial, she has completed her careers profile and interview and has been mentored in relation to her academic progress.  The girls have participated in learning about financial awareness and improving their understanding of good study skills and time management. Their Health Education has been supplemented by visits from the School’s Police Liaison Officer with talks about drinking and driving while the Work Related Curriculum has addressed labour market information.  They will complete the year by updating their personal statements.    

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