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The P.E. Department enjoys the benefits of a Sports Hall since 2008 which includes a fitness room in the viewing gallery area and has proved to be a popular addition to the facilities. Outside, we also have 4 tennis courts, 3 netball courts and a Long Jump Pit. The pupils continue to excel at sport, not only have the school achieved many fine results in a wide variety of activities but the department have provided the opportunity for a great number of pupils to take part in extra-curricular activities.

All students are encouraged to join in and enjoy the facilities.  

Year 7

The pupils are taught:   Sports hall athletics.  Netball: Introduction to the game; emphasis on ball handling, footwork and team play.  Dance: Introduction to basic dance components; emphasis on body co-ordination, rhythm and counting, basic choreography with a view to performance aesthetics.  Gymnastics: Revision of KS2 gymnastic skills; emphasis on linking and creating a routine, and skill acquisition.  Tennis: Basic skills; forehand, backhand, underarm service, scoring and simple games.  Athletics: Introduction to secondary athletics, 100m, 200m, 800m, relay, shot put, long jump, high jump and safety rules..  Rounders:  Introduction to skills, rules and team play.

Year 8

The pupils are taught  Netball: Recap Yr. 7,  further development of skills in relation to game play,  skill acquisition in relation to shooting, defensive and offensive play;  rules. Gymnastics:  partner and apparatus work.  Rounders: developing fielding and batting skills, introduction to the game.   Swimming:   All strokes covered with elementary life saving.    Dance:  Continuation from Yr 7, practice and revision of existing skills, developing choreography.  Tennis:  Developing basic skills learnt in Year 7, developing accuracy and more advanced game, Introduction of service.  Athletics:   Continuation from Year 7, introducing discus with further development of javelin and hurdles.

Year 9

Pupils experience the following: Netball: Developing more advanced skills and tactics to use in a game situation. Tennis: working on more accuracy of strokes and service.    Trampoline: introduction to basic bounce, simple routines and emphasis on safety.  Badminton: introduction to basic skills.  Fitness:  introduction to personal fitness programmes and induction to the fitness room. Athletics: continuation from Yr 7 and 8, looking at technical advantages to increase performance.  Rounders: developing of tactics and strategies.  Volleyball: development of basic skills in the game.

Year 10

GCSE PE:  The GCSE PE course is 60% practical and 40% theory.  All pupils are assessed in four sports at the end of the course.  Marks are awarded for performance, skills, analysis of movement and knowledge of rules of the game and to be able to take a group for a warm up and officiate.  Activities covered in Year 10 have been trampolining, fitness training, rounders, netball, swimming and athletics.  The theory section of the course prepares pupils for a 1.5 hour exam at the end of Year 11.  Topics covered this year have been factors that reduce risk in sport, principles of fitness, methods of training, factors that affect performance, the skeleton and the muscular system. 

CORE PE: At KS4 all the girls follow Netball, Tennis, Volleyball, Health related Fitness, Badminton, Athletics and Rounders in which the girls work on improving their skills and work towards developing leadership skills.  Pupils are given the opportunity to take the Sports Leadership Award Level 2.

Year 11

GCSE PE: Topics covered are those required for the completion of an exercise programme and player analysis, such as principles of training, fitness testing, methods of training and components of fitness. The player analysis has to be submitted for the exam as part of the practical assessment.  Anatomy topics covered are types of muscles, circulatory system, skeletal system and respiratory system.  Other units studied are social and cultural factors affecting participation in sport.  Pupils also cover topics relating to the pre release scenario in preparation for the exam.

CORE PE: In Physical Education at KS4 pupils learn why it is necessary to keep fit and healthy and are encouraged to exercise as a normal part of their everyday life. 
Emphasis is on developing leadership skills, with the pupils being given the opportunity to gain the nationally recognized Sports Leaders Level 2 Award.

Trips/Extra curricular Acivities
The department offers a wide range of extra curricular activities and students successfully compete in all Borough competitions providing many pupils with the opportunity to take part in a range of sporting activities.

Competitions Entered:
  • Athletics league and championships (all years) 10 meetings
  • Cross Country league and championships (all years)
  • Barnet Netball league and tournaments (all years)
  • Barnet football League and festival.(year 7-9)
  • Badminton Middlesex Tournament (reached the county final at Crystal Palace  after two successful rounds for the second year running)
  • Sports Hall Athletics (reached the London  regional Final at Crystal Palace after two successful preliminary rounds)

The teams that represent the school continue to be very successful, particularly the Netball Teams, Athletics and Cross Country teams with pupils being selected to represent the Borough and County.

After school clubs and activities:
The following is a list of activities offered after school and or lunchtimes

    • Tennis            (Year7)
    • Tennis            (Year 8 upwards)
    • Netball Club   (all years)
    • Athletics        (all years )
    • Football         (Year 7 - 11)
    • Volleyball      (Years 8-13)
    • Trampolining   (Year 9-11)
    • Table tennis   (all years)
    • Rounders       (all years)

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