Key Stage 3

Pupils are given the opportunity to study a wide range of topics throughout Key Stage 3 in the hope of developing basic communications skills in the language and forming a strong foundation for KS4.

Year 8 using the coursebook Parla con me the girls are working towards reaching a NC Level 3-4 by the end of the year. The pupils will cover all the core vocabulary and topics: numbers, dates, weather, school, family, personal details, greetings, classroom language, spare time, the house.  To then help them to build longer  sentences and more complex language the grammar introduced in year 8 will include: all present tense -are, -ere and- ire verbs, some common irregular verbs, articles, articulated prepositions, gender, adjectives and  possessives.

Year 9 using the course book Progetto Italiano Junior aims to expand on the core grammar and vocabulary covered in year 8. NC level 6 is expected by the end of year 9 and the topics covered  include: food and drink, shopping, parts of the body, health and fitness, countries and nationalities, finding your way, clothes, watching TV and films.  Grammar is re-inforced and developed;- are verbs, -ere verbs, -ire verbs, more irregular verbs, perfect tense,  expressions with avere,  impersonal “si”.  Nel and del, reflexive verbs,  future tense,  object pronouns. The aim of the study in year 9 Italian is to introduce and develop the necessary skills required for Controlled Assessment at GCSE by extending their writing and speaking skills as well as decoding longer reading and listening texts.

At GCSE level the department follows the AQA syllabus and examination. A detailed syllabus can be found here. Pupils continue to extend and expand their grammatical awareness and vocabulary, including giving more complex opinions as well as undertaking intense exam preparation.  Over the two years the topics Lifestyle, Leisure, Home and Environment and Work and education are covered in great detail with a focus on all four skills (reading, writing, speaking and listening). Writing and Speaking Controlled Assessments count for 60% of the course. The final listening and reading examinations are then taken at the very end of the course and count for 20% respectively.

AS/A2 Level

At AS and A2 level the Edexcel syllabus is followed. They are developing language skills that allow them to communicate effectively, accurately and confidently in Italian as well as demonstrating Italian language research skills.

The AS course contains four topics Youth Culture and Concerns, Life Style Health and Fitness, Education and Employment and The World Around Us.

There are two units tested at the end of the course. Unit one is an oral based exam and counts for 30% of AS marks and unit two an understanding and written response which counts for 70% AS marks.  Pupils are encouraged to research these areas fully as part of their private study.

Those that choose to continue at A2 then study a further three topics; Literature and the Arts, Customs Traditions, Religions and Beliefs and National and International Events. There is a strong focus on students developing their own ideas as they work towards a research based essay. Currently there is a choice between the book Io Non Ho Paura by Niccolo Ammaniti and a historical study of Fascism and  Mussolini. Students are encouraged to read foreign literature and are tested in an oral which includes an element of debate in the foreign language and counts for 35% of A2 marks. They also have a Research, Understanding and Written Response paper in Italian which counts for 65% of A2 marks.




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