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This Month's Draw

Dear 200Club Members,
Welcome back to the new school year!
 The July and August draw of the St Michael's 200Club was held at the school office and PA meeting on 11th September.
 I am pleased to announce the following winners:
  July Winners:
1.Prize  ( 300 Pounds)        Karen Harris           132
2.Prize  ( 100 Pounds)        Christian Muller         28
3.Prize  (   50 Pounds)        Carmel Haxell         130
4.Prize  (   50 Pounds)        Annette King            89
5.Prize  (   50 Pounds)        Peter Audu             103   
  August Winners:
1.Prize  ( 300 Pounds)        Varuni Morisson      115
2.Prize  ( 100 Pounds)        Grace Abu              126
3.Prize  (   50 Pounds)        Paul Baker               84
4.Prize  (   50 Pounds)        Ruth McCluskey       21
5.Prize  (   50 Pounds)        Clare Panniker          61 


Cheques will be issued to the winners in the next few days.
Please,always let me know if there are any changes of your contact details.

Best Regards
Yelka Oppold



200 Club Committee Annual Review to November 2016
Ms. Joanna Sheehy - School Representative
Mrs. Yelka Oppold
Ms Angela Tran - Secretary

The Club continues to be a successful venture for both School and members. The objectives of the Club remain:

  1. to provide funds for the school minibus;
  2. to assist with the costs of maintenance and enhancing the appearance of the School both internally and externally; and
  3. to support other worthwhile initiatives in support of the School

Membership increased during the 12 months to 31 October 2016 (with a good number of new Year 7’s joining), we had 135 participating members for the November 2016 draw (compared to 114 members 12 months before).                                           In order to main the guaranteed 40 % payout each month, we have increased prizes to  £550  (1 x £300 ,1 x £100, 3 x £50).

The committee members discussed with the School the need of replacing the minibus in the next 12 – 18 months.

The following is a high level summary of the transactions of the 200 Club in the 12 months to 31 October 2016, with comparatives for the previous period.







Opening balance



Subscriptions received



Prizes paid



Donation to school



Mini bus repairs



Admin expenses



Long outstanding cheques written back (on payees’ instructions)



Balance at 31 October




Going forward, the Club intends to continue its efforts to assist the School via its fundraising efforts. If any of your family or friends would like to join, please contact the Club Treasurer via e-mail
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