Diocesan Inspection Report 2013

St Michael’s Catholic Grammar School
Nether Street, North Finchley, London N12 7NU
Telephone:020 8446 2256
e-mail address: office@st-michaels.barnet.sch.uk
DFE Number: 302 5404
Headteacher: Mr Julian Ward
Chair of Governors: Mrs Debra Quigley-Jones

Canonical Inspection under Canon 806 on behalf of the Archbishop of Westminster
and inspection of Denominational Education under Section 48 of the Education Act 2005

Date of inspection: 14-15 October 2013
Date of previous inspection: 10 March 2008
Reporting Inspector: Mrs S Nolan
Associate Inspector: Mr Matthew Dell
Associate Inspector: Mr Stuart Alexander
Associate Inspector: Ms Patricia Cusack

Report Summary:

Key for inspection grades:

Grade 1*: Outstanding;
Grade 1: Very Good;
Grade 2: Good;
Grade 3: Requires improvement;
Grade 4: Causing Concern.

A. Classroom Religious Education
What is the overall effectiveness of classroom religious education in developing pupils’ religious literacy? Overall Grade [1]

How well does the content of classroom religious education meet the requirements of the Curriculum Directory? Grade [1*]
Pupil achievement (as well as attainment and progress) in religious education Grade [1*]
The quality of teaching Grade [1]
The effectiveness of the leadership and management of religious education Grade [1]

B. The Catholic life of the school
What is the overall effectiveness of the Catholic life of the school in developing pupils’ experience of the richness of a Catholic way of living and believing? Overall Grade [1]

The place of religious education as the core of the curriculum – time, staffing, accommodation, resources, budget Grade [1]
The experience of Catholic worship – prayer and liturgy – for the whole school community Grade [1*]
The commitment and contribution to the Common Good – service and social justice. Grade [1*]
The partnership between parents, school and parish as an integral part of the Diocese, particularly through its relationship with the Diocesan Bishop and those acting on his behalf Grade [1*]
The effectiveness of the leadership and management in promoting the Catholic life of the school. Grade [1]

Full Report (pdf version)

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